Amazing Thailand Luxury: where life rules everything


Life is a blessing… because everyday there is a chance for happiness.
It is something that we can create…and all it takes is a will to embark on a journey and live our life.
To live life to the fullest, we do not need to put a value to the luxury. It is defined by the memories that are priceless instead.
And this happiness… it is something you can always find in Thailand.

Pretentious ‘Amazing Thailand Luxury’ ad aimed at rich Hong Kong tourists

Driving through Chinatown traffic in a limousine, having a butler serve you drinks while cycling outside Wat Phra Kaew and hiring a dozen Thais to carry your designer shopping bags? If this was real life, there would also be a bunch of people muttering “douchebags” as they watched such a brash display of flashing the cash.

The Hong Kong tourists who have seen this video are going to be mightily disappointed when they actually visit Thailand as the new advert by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) showcases a dream sequence of a ultra-luxe travel experience in Thailand — something only possible for the 1 percent.

The video posted to the Hong Kong Facebook page of TAT on Monday has almost reached 300,000 views already.
“The Kingdom also has a long tradition of catering to luxury travellers. In recent years, Thailand has seen the emergence of spectacular health and wellness resorts, and intimate boutique pool villas located in some of the most scenic parts of the Kingdom,” the caption provided on its Youtube upload said.

However, most netizens criticised the video as pretentious, with many claiming it was nowhere close to reality, as the country is more known for its nature and exotic but low-budget journeys — riding an overnight train to Suratthani before boarding a ferry to tropical islands, getting cheap drinks in a bucket on Koh Phangan, and strolling through the packed streets of Bangkok at night.
“The most beautiful parts in Thailand don’t require any money at all,” Julia Vasko commented.
Some pointed out the advert was an obvious attempt by the Thai government to attract more tourists with deep pockets, rather than backpackers with less to spend.

“People who are complaining don’t understand the purpose of this ad. There are already a lot of backpackers in Thailand. Now they are targeting rich and luxury travelers…(increasing money spent per head). Got it?” Facebook user Pongpiti commented.